BMW-at-first-lightYou take pride in your automobile.  You did not just choose any car, you chose a European brand that reflects your status, your personality, and makes a statement about you.  That is why you should take care and avoid the following ten items that can place your car in the shop.

Do any one of these then items and you could be looing at an expense headache.



  1. Putting off recommended/scheduled maintenance
  2. Ignoring the “check engine light”
  3. Not changing the oil and oil filter at regular intervals
  4. Not keeping your tires properly inflated
  5. Neglecting to service your transmission, brakes, and cooling system
  6. Continuing to drive after your car has overheated
  7. Not having the fuel and air filters changed
  8. Taking your car to any shop as opposed to ones that know your vehicle intimately
  9. Using generic after market parts over manufacturer parts
  10.  Attempting to service your own vehicle

A great example of a mistake that can snowball into a costly repair is the air filter.  An air filter is relatively inexpensive to replace, but failure to bring the car in for regular maintenance and/or oil changes means that you will miss getting it replaced.  An air filter that fails can bust your oxygen sensor.  A broken oxygen sensor will plunge your gas mileage, you will feel that your car does not “go” when you floor it, and you can destroy your catalytic converter.  Not to mention that you will fail your emissions test.

keep your car running smooth with regular service and maintenance checks.We had a client who failed to get their 2000 BMW 323it in for its regular scheduled maintenance.  This particular client would take their car to any oil change shop without paying attention to the proper service a BMW needs.  Their air filter never got changed; they busted the oxygen sensor and blew out the catalytic converter.  What would have a simple service charge ended up costing this owner $4,000.

Most mechanics site that the number one avoidable mistake that lands more cars in a repair shop is neglecting the oil change.  It is easily fixable and can help an owner spot more problems with their car and fix them sooner and cheaper than waiting.  How simple is it? Just follow the manufacturers recommendation for an oil change.  Use high performance oil that is made for your high-tech European automobile’s engine.  Don’t skimp on the oil change.

European Car Repair has seen many MercedesMinisAudisVWs, and BMWs that had to have major engine repairs because the owners did not follow the recommended oil change intervals.  Or the owners took their car to “any old” oil change place.  Either way, each owner ended up with costly repairs all of them avoidable.

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European Car Repair wants to make sure you keep your car on the road as long as possible.  We can help you avoid costly repairs by keeping your car maintained and serviced so that it runs at its peak performance.  Our complimentary inspections and service recommendations are to keep you happy with your car so you can have what the Germans call Fahrspass!