Service-Engine-Soon-Light-220x182It is one of those things that can annoy you, confuse you and make you wonder if getting it checked out is worth it. That is the “Check Engine Light” when it comes on in your car.

Being a driver of a finely tuned European engineered machine, seeing that light can be a daunting questioning exercise. What does it mean? What is wrong with the car? Why does it come on now when everything sounds fine? How much is it going to cost me to get it fixed?


When that light comes on it can mean a number of things. Primarily it is letting you, the driver; know that the on-board computer has detected an error that can affect the overall performance of your European automobile. Primarily it is a problem that is impacting the car’s engine. A check engine light being illuminated means your car will also fail an emissions test.

Common Problems (minor to major)

Loose Gas Cap
Faulty Fuel Injector
Blown Gasket Heads
Faulty Oxygen Sensors
Cracked and Loose Hoses
Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor
Worn Out Spark Plugs and Wiring
Emission Control System Malfunction

Some owners have OBD code readers that can help them understand what error codes the on-board computer is experiencing and recording. These readers can be purchased at do it yourself automotive parts shops. The readers can also clear the codes and reset the Check Engine Light. Does that mean the problem with your car or engine is gone? No.

OBD Scanner


Even if you have an OBD code reader, you should still bring the car in. An automotive repair shop like European Car Repair has the tools to diagnose why your BMW or Mercedes Benz is having the light come on. Not only can we read the codes like you, but our technicians understand that those codes could be just the beginning or clue to a larger problem. The time and investment you do now to bring your car in and have it checked out, the more money you will save down the road.


Of course you are smart enough to know to bring your car in once you see that light. What I am about to write is for your friends who tell you to ignore it or that the Check Engine Light is just a scam.

European Car Repair had a customer that had a 2001 323IT BMW. It was a wonderful small BMW station wagon owned by a young couple who were sportive and took this car everywhere. The wife noticed that the check engine light flashed then it stayed on. The husband had an OBD reader, got the codes saying to check a cylinder misfire and went online to research what to do. He read somewhere that it was ok to clear the code and not worry about it. That is what he did.

(L) Old spark plug (R) New spark plug

$9,000 later after he had to replace all of the spark plugs and two catalytic converters, the husband realized that he should have taken the car in as soon as the light came on. Had he brought the car in, our technician would have discovered early on that one of the spark plugs had corroded, replaced it and tested the car to ensure that damage was not done to the engine and emission system. Bringing the car in when the light came on would have saved the couple 89% of what they spent.


Whether you have a check engine light on or not, you will always get the best service of your European Engineered car. You have made a decision to invest not in just any car, but a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Volvo or Land Rover. You deserve to make sure your car runs at its very best. All of us at European Car Repair will make sure you get the best out of your car by building you a maintenance plan that works inside your budget. Come see the promise for yourself at Silicon Valley’s Premier European Automotive Repair service